Why It Is Important to Use a Non-Harmful Ski and Snowboard Wax



Poisonous ski and snowboard waxes pose the two human health and fitness and environmental dangers. The most dangerous component discovered in toxic waxes are perfluorocarbons (PFCs). Perfluorocarbons are completely fluorinated compounds, synthetically created by combining a hydrocarbon (like paraffin wax) with perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). The acid strips the hydrogen atoms off the carbon spine and replaces them with fluorine atoms. The expression “fluorocarbon” refers to any carbon-centered molecule which has been totally or partly fluorinated. Hence, the terms “PFC” and “fluorocarbon” are often utilized interchangeably.

Fluorinated ski waxes (fluoros) are, thus much, the most resilient and hydrophobic. The a lot more hydrophobic a wax is, the superior drinking water repellency it has. It is well known that, in snowboarding, fluoros achieve the best occasions for racers. But what is considerably less properly recognised is that fluoros also have the best wellbeing and environmental impact.

When fluorocarbons are exposed to significant temperatures, toxic fumes are introduced. In ski and snowboard outlets, professionals breathe these fumes. Extended publicity to the fumes of fluorocarbons is known to induce sever destruction to respiratory passages, bloody noses, and greater amounts of PFC in the blood. Some studies of such experts have exposed PFC blood content material levels up to 45% larger than the standard population. PFC and PFOA are also acknowledged to be potent greenhouse gases.

The toxic impression of fluorinated waxes is additional propagated when the wax is forged off from the foundation of skis and snowboards into the snowpack. In the spring, the contaminants remaining by fluorinated waxes are carried down to watersheds as non-biodegradable, environmentally hazardous molecules. PFC and PFOA continue being in the setting as persistent organic and natural pollutants, and are not identified to degrade by any pure processes. Final results of animal experiments of PFOA point out that it can lead to quite a few sorts of tumors, neonatal dying, and may have toxic consequences on the immune, liver, and endocrine systems.

How numerous skiers does it consider? Perfectly, if 1 skier calculates how a great deal wax he truly works by using and leaves behind on the mountain above a season, it may perhaps not sum to considerably. Nevertheless, it is the collective effect that is the difficulty. According to the Countrywide Ski Areas Association, the 2007-2008 ski time had 60.1 million skier times at resorts in the US. They estimate that involving 1979 and 2009, the US has experienced at minimum 50 million skier days every single year. That final results in extra than 1.5 billion pairs of skis and snowboards shedding wax into the snowpack for 30 yrs in the United States on your own.

As the dangers of poisonous waxes come to be more perfectly acknowledged, conscientious skiers and snowboarders are becoming ever more motivated to search for out non-toxic wax resources. Glide-on is one particular these types of substitute. Rather than poisonous chemical compounds, Glide-on has an inert (environmentally neutral) polymer included that improves its sturdiness, velocity and base security. So you will not have to sacrifice overall performance for non-harmful. At Glide-on, we are very pleased to supply an superb alternate to toxic ski waxes and we think this will be the way of the foreseeable future.



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